Friday, 1 September 2017

T3 Reflection Week6


This week we have been learning what fractions are and how to Add, Subtract and Simplify them .
We know to remember numerator and denominator. Here is a DLO on how to remember them.
We have also been learning on a website called Sheppard software, It is a website that has tons of cool math games with Fractions, addition, subtraction, Multiplication and division. We also have been making posters that explain what fractions are.  I have been doing a math sheet on fractions here is a photo of one.


This week for literacy we have been reading a journal called "Making Fantasy figures" it is about this person makes dolls from weird materials.She uses chinese clay for the skin and she uses goat hair for the hair, And she makes the dolls really realistic too! 

We have been doing artist profiles here is the one that me and rhys made Vincent Van gogh
I have been doing another profile on Terry Denton. I LOVE his books he illustrates
but I still have not finished it because we started yesterday.

Fast Write.

This week after morning tea we have to write about anything we want. 
me and harvey have been doing a slide on MEMES. (This is not how stupid we are)

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