Friday, 1 December 2017


Yesterday we went to shantytown it was mamaku M2 and M1-Yr 6's.
We got robbed by a thief.
And we went on a train and people were screaming "gold!"  which attracted a thief to rob us.
so we got the inspector and he asked questions like what colour was his bandanna (red)
and we found him in the pub drinking whisky. And then we put him in jail.  


We did a court case and and my friend was the judge. the person was declared innocent and then we finished.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ban Plastic

Ban Plastic

Dear Plastic Users

I think we should ban plastic because, plastic is everywhere we look. Plastic gets on plant life and kills it, which is bad because trees and plant life gives us air and lets us breathe.   

Another reason to ban plastic is because 80-90% of your plastic is eventually found its way to the ocean and over 2 trillion has already found its way to the ocean

Instead of normal plastic bags we should have bags that evaporate after a few days so that would lower the deaths of animals.

I also think we should ban plastic because, it can strangle people and it kills birds and many other animals. Did you know that the record for most plastic bags in a 90 day year old bird is 200 - 300 big and small pieces of plastic!

Overall w think you should ban plastic (which has already been done in some other countries) because it it kills lives and does no good for us (apart from packaging)      

Yours sincerely Adi, Will and Emil


Thursday, 28 September 2017

40bc Blogpost

Image result for goosebumps books pick your own ending
Author R.L. STINE
Illistrator RL. STINE

I have been reading goosebumps the scream of the evil genie.
Your a boy and there is a can that has a evil genie and she says you have 3 wishes you could either have money, Fame or handsome looks. His books are pretty cool and some are scary. In this book i got a happy ending not a scary ending. I think that is book is 3/5 ***  

Friday, 1 September 2017

T3 Reflection Week6


This week we have been learning what fractions are and how to Add, Subtract and Simplify them .
We know to remember numerator and denominator. Here is a DLO on how to remember them.
We have also been learning on a website called Sheppard software, It is a website that has tons of cool math games with Fractions, addition, subtraction, Multiplication and division. We also have been making posters that explain what fractions are.  I have been doing a math sheet on fractions here is a photo of one.


This week for literacy we have been reading a journal called "Making Fantasy figures" it is about this person makes dolls from weird materials.She uses chinese clay for the skin and she uses goat hair for the hair, And she makes the dolls really realistic too! 

We have been doing artist profiles here is the one that me and rhys made Vincent Van gogh
I have been doing another profile on Terry Denton. I LOVE his books he illustrates
but I still have not finished it because we started yesterday.

Fast Write.

This week after morning tea we have to write about anything we want. 
me and harvey have been doing a slide on MEMES. (This is not how stupid we are)

Friday, 25 August 2017

Week 5 term 3

This week for numeracy have been doing what is a numerator and a denominator here is my DLO on it. 

I have been reading diary of a wimpy kid and i have not done much work because I was away sick  

Friday, 18 August 2017

Week 4 Reflection

last week we have been painted rocks for jordyn's  memorial and we placed all the rocks around the wishing well and we listen to her favorite song while her family was here. It was a very sad moment too.

This week we have been writing persuasive letters to our buddy's.  My buddy was harvey and I tried to persuade him to play virus with us here is the letter I have blanked the address and last name so you can not see it.

For fast write we have made a game in our game you play as a cheese and you just go though the life of the cheese will you be rich or will you be poor?

Me and harvey have been writing a story about the last chicken nugget ninja

For numeracy we have been learning on how to simplify fractions and

Friday, 16 June 2017

Wk 7 Reflection T2

This week we have been doing some reading on the book the big game, here is my work on it (Big game)

My class and I have been doing some descriptive writing on our new teacher her name is Miss Reissmann, This is my work.

Quick Write
This is my free write i made a little game from google slides i hope you like it Note: You may have to click sometimes :) This it still a work in progress so no hate please ;D 
People that helped: Harvey,  Alex co, Will T, Trent, Kristian and Megan. So I suggest you check out their blogs!

We have been doing some canvas on blogging here is my canva 

Blogger by Adi Cosma
This week we went to the garden my job was to pick up all the weeds and put the soil on the little trees and we had to put the saw dust on the place where we just weeded, I had to wear gumboots otherwise my shoes would get all dirty it was really fun since we did not have to do any work all day! Here is some of the photos.
 Screenshot 2017-06-14 at 12.29.20 PM.png